About Me

About Me

Hello again!! If you're here is because you're trying to find someone able to help you to get what you always desired, and I hope that with me you can find what you're looking for.


My name is Simone, and, unfortunately, my life is all-around fitness. Why do I say "unfortunately"?? Well, because I believe that this is an addiction, my day is all related to fitness, if I read a book is regarding fitness, if I hear a podcast is regarding fitness, if I travel is to visit someone related to fitness able to teach me something new, but well, this is what makes me happy, that's why I spend my life helping others to get the results that they want.


At the age of 4, I step in the first gym, it wasn't a bodybuilding gym, but a martial art gym, most specifically I was practicing Viet Vo Dao, for 14 years, competing 3 times and winning a second place and two first places. At the age of 18, because always been very skinny, I decided to start practicing natural bodybuilding, I fell in love for that sport and for what is around that, and I have done 9 competition until this year. During the last 3 years I got fascinated by powerlifting, and I started to study that discipline, practicing it and then teaching it.

The greatest trophy you can ever achieve in fitness is to see a part of yourself flourish, that would have otherwise remained undiscovered.


I'm a qualified Coach CONI/ACSI, and personal trainer level 2/3 REPS in the UK, I also have a Diploma level 4 EQF GP REFERRAL, so qualified to coach people with various diseases, and collaborate with general practices. I have got more than 20 different CPDs that allow me to teach various sports, but I mainly focus on one nish, the body transformation. But there is something that makes the difference in my studies, and bring the quality of my coaching up. I spent the last 2 years learning from the BEST American PhDs, names like Eric Helms, Brad Shoenfeld, Layne Norton, Joe Klemczewski, and Mike Lipowski, and I believe that this is what allowed me to reach next level in terms of nutrition knowledge, but there is still a lot to learn, and I will never be tired to do so. I am also coached by the best Italian team, the Natural Peaking Team, and I am proud to be constantly learning from them.

There are no foolish questions and no man becomes a fool until he has stopped asking questions. Cit. Charles Proteus Steinmetz

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The famous "body recomposition", minimise the body fat and maximize the muscle hypertrophy (increase your lean muscle mass). Yes, over the past few years, studying, learning, trying on myself and on many clients, making mistakes and correcting them, I got specialised on body recomposition, I am able, with the help of the client's motivation, to let the people get the results that they always desired, but more important, something that they could maintain for the whole life, so with flexible and sustainable nutrition.

Dieting is easy, the difficult part is when the diet ends, and you will have to maintain the progressions made Cit. My Coach Kristian Montevecchi